Pokemon Global Trade Station - Stats
1 Pokemon Global Trade Station
Pokemon GTS is a thriving community that's been around since April 2007. We have over 47,000 registered members, and over 1.2 million posts & more than 80,000 threads! Join & use our PokeTrade, PokeLeague, & PokeGear today!
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
Today 17
Average 1685.5
Anime & Video Gaming Forums - Stats
2 Anime & Video Gaming Forums
Kametsu Forums is a friendly and upbeat Anime and Video Game forum full of discussions and active members. We even feature tons of Anime downloads for free.
Category: Forums | Movement: Neutral
Today 0
Average 213.9
Pokenav - Stats
3 Pokenav
The Pokenav is a social networking site made for Pokemon players. Players who have hard time finding others to play with through Nintendo WiFi Connection will be able to find just about anyone. Users can find battles, trades, and communitcate!
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
Today 1
Average 44.1
  Title - Description Today Average Stats
4 PokemonVicio2 - O nlehor de pokemon aqui, downloads e muito mais....
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 34.7 Stats
5 it- detonados - Site detonated, creating hackrs pokémon, online courses, projects pokémon games, download episodes and movies and news in general about the current world pok
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 29.4 Stats
6 Pokemon Geracion Future - Aqui pokemon vem em 1º lugar! (Here comes pokemon in 1st place!)
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 21 Stats
7 Pokefortes - Venha conhecer o blog que euvolui junto com Pokémon (Visit the blog that evolves with Pokémon)
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 14.9 Stats
8 We All Live in a Pokémon World... - A must-read guide to everything Pokémon by a long-time fan, dispelling the rumors, accusations, and misconceptions...recommended to both supporters and opponents!!
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 13.7 Stats
9 LTSAI - ALL FOR FANS ANIME - The latest news from the world покемонов only at us! Hasten to read through their the first!
Category: Other Anime Neutral
0 12.9 Stats
10 Seafoam Island - Pokemon Game Info, Codes, Episode Guide's, Walkthroughs, TCG, Pokedex, Oekaki, and much more!
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 11.6 Stats